well-trained personnel maintain effective processes and promote your profitability

The most optimal processes and the best technology cannot achieve the set goals if your staff does not meet the requirements. That is why training and repeated training are important to maximize the potential of packaging machines and packaging processes.

Training improves and maintains effectiveness

Our training courses are divided into general and technology specific contents.

  • General training elements
    • The general parts serve to sensitize the operators for the basic features of packaging technology and to develop a general understanding of the processes as well as of the mutual interactions of the influencing variables. Especially when using flexible packaging / pouch packaging, knowledge of the interactions is of decisive importance.
  • Technology specific training elements
    • General technologies of packaging machines as overview
    • Detailed explanation of the technologies on the packaging machines in operation
    • Training for handling the individual packaging machines (if necessary in conjunction with technicians of the respective machine manufacturers)

These basic principles allow the employees in charge of the packaging machines and systems to avoid errors or to recognize and eliminate occurring errors at an early stage. The efficiency is increased sustainably.


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