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horizontal tubular bag machines

Flowpack machines or horizontal form, fill and seal machines are ideal for use with products of different shapes and sizes. It does not matter whether the product is round or has differences in height.

With flowpackers and the use of suitable packaging materials, moisture or air protection is also possible, which can be extended by the possibility of product gassing, thus extending the shelf life of perishable products. This means that flowpack machines are particularly suitable for use when non-uniform products, such as natural products, have to be packed.

Due to its modular design, a flowpacker is highly flexible and can be adapted to any customer requirements. Even the changeover to different formats can be realized within a very short time, which makes it a simple and cost-effective packaging solution.

Suitable products for the "Flowpack" system:

  • especially piece products
  • natural products with different sizes

However, powders, granulates and also liquids are not suitable.


The flowpack machines run at up to 20 m / min, depending on the package length, this results in the maximum possible output in bags per minute.


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