horizontal pouch machines

horizontal pouch machines (HFFS system)

Compared to other packaging machines, horizontal bag packaging machines with rotary technology offer the best bag qualities "from film reel". The separation of the bag production and filling processes plays a decisive role. In addition, horizontal bag machines offer a high flexibility with regard to possible bag shapes and the combination with different dosing systems. During operation, the machines are characterized by a very stable machine run and good accessibility, which makes operation and service work much easier.

The horizontal bag machines of SN Maschinenbau offer quality and performance at the highest level. The highly developed machine concepts offer maximum process reliability at low filling costs.

The modular design of the horizontal packaging machines offers a high degree of flexibility and thus enables the development of customized concepts that are optimally adapted to the customer's needs.

Possible bag shapes:

  • Flat pouches / sealed edge pouches
  • Flat pouch / sealed edge pouch with zipper
  • Bottom-folding bags
  • Contour bags
  • stand-up pouches / Doypacks
  • stand-up pouches / Doypacks with zipper
  • stand-up pouches / Doypacks with cornerspout or centerspout
  • Full contour bag
  • ...

Depending on machine type and design, outputs of 90 to 500 bags per minute can be achieved!


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