In principle, sachets / flat bags can be produced on all horizontal bag machines of SN Maschinenbau. Depending on the output and the required formats, the machines can be designed for one to six sachets per machine cycle.

In addition to the very flexible performance range, the horizontal bag machines are characterized by good accessibility of the filling area as well as by the very easy combination with different dosing systems. This means that format and product changes can be carried out very quickly and easily on the horizontal bag machines.

Due to the working processes, the horizontal bag machines can optionally be equipped with double seals for the side seams in connection with a subsequent cooling system. This allows even sachets with particularly high demands on the tightness of the sealed seams - such as magazine pouches - to be produced reliably.

In addition to the possibility of producing sachets / flat bags, the horizontal bag machines of SN maschinenbau can also be designed for other bag shapes such as

  • Doypack (stand-up pouches)
  • Bottom-folding pouch
  • Zipper bag
  • Slider bag

should be provided for.

This makes the horizontal bag machines suitable for almost all applications. Not least for this reason, these packaging machines are therefore used by a large number of successful packaging service providers.


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