stand-up pouch / doypack

universal and well-known


Stand-up pouches (Doypack) offer a large filling volume in combination with the possibility to place the pouch on the stabilized bottom fold. For this purpose, the bottom of the stand-up pouch / doypack is designed with an additional fold (W-fold) so that the pouch can expand considerably in the lower area. In contrast to the bottom gusset bag, the film web of the stand-up pouch / doypack is additionally perforated at defined points in the area of the side seals before folding. During folding "W-fold", these holes are positioned in the side seams so that the sealable surfaces of the film laminate face each other. This is where the W-fold is fixed to the sides of the stand-up pouch during sealing, so that the ends of the W-fold no longer open when the pouch is standing. This gives the stand-up pouch / doypack a large volume and good stability.

Due to its high volume and stability, the stand-up pouch / doypack is now frequently used for filling quantities that allow multiple withdrawals. For this purpose, stand-up pouches / doypacks can be equipped with re-seals, e.g. screw caps, sliders (similar to a zipper) or zippers (pressure seal).

The stand-up pouch / doypack is used for almost all products of our daily life. Examples are: Cleaning and hygiene products (refill packs), pet food (wet and dry products). For applications for liquid to pasty products, pouch machines can also be used in which the bags are filled through the spout (screw cap).


The following machine types can be used for processing these pouches depending on your requirements: