four side sealed pouches / quadbags / stabiloseal

stable with a lot of volume

The four-side sealed pouch is produced on vertically operating form fill and seal machines or is available as a pre-made pouch. 
Instead of the simple longitudinal sealing seam of the tubular bag, the film of the four-side sealed bag is formed at the forming shoulder and the format tube so that seals can be made on all four long sides of the bag. Depending on the film material used and the associated folding of the film, the machines for four-side sealed pouches are equipped with four or five longitudinal sealing devices, giving the pouch sufficient stability not only for a large volume but also for low film thicknesses.

Four-side sealed pouches are used for many products of our daily needs such as coffee pads, confectionery, pastries or pet food (dry).


The following machine types can be used for processing these pouches depending on your requirements: