full contour bag - highest individualisation possibilities

high-end of individualization

Full-contour bags are the consistently further developed form of contour bags. In the case of the full contour bag, not only the top of the bag has a freely defined shape, but also the lateral flanks can be designed with free shapes. Since special punches are used for the production of full contour bags, sometimes in combination with additional transport systems, full contour bags require a significantly higher technical effort, combined with higher machine costs and increased waste of film material. On the other hand, full contour bags, with the appropriate shape and printing, are once again much more conspicuous than contour bags. Flat bags, bottom-folding bags or stand-up pouches / Doypacks can be used as basic shapes. Contour bags are particularly suitable for clearly distinguishing your products from those of your competitors.

Full-contour bags are used, for example, for food, confectionery, beverages and especially as sachets for cosmetic products.


The following machine types can be used for processing these bags, depending on your requirements: