slider bag / bag with reclosure

the premium reclosure

The term "slider bags" describes bags of various types which are provided with a reclosing mechanism which, on the one hand, allows the maximum opening of the bag and, on the other hand, allows a reliable reclosing of the bags. Essentially, two different types of reclosure can be used: 


The slider is the comfortable but also expensive version and is comparable to a "zipper". Similar to the zipper, the reclosure is done by two sealing lips, which are sealed with the bag material, but the opening and closing of the bags is done by a movable tab, which makes handling much easier. Due to the higher costs compared to the zipper, this variant is not as common in Europe as in the North American market. 

Applications for bags with zipper or slider are now found for very different products such as grated cheese, chewing gum, confectionery, pastries or technical products.


The following machine types can be used for processing these bags, depending on your requirements: