spout bag / pouch with reclosable closure / pouch with screw cap

Bag with the right "twist"

The term "spout bag" describes bags of the most varied types which are provided with a screw-on reclosable closure. The "spouts" are mainly used either in the upper corner as "corner spouts" or in the middle of the bags as so-called "center spouts", depending on the application or product. This type of bag can be purchased as prefabricated bags from various manufacturers and filled on machines in the FS (fill and seal) system. Alternatively, the spout bags can also be produced inline directly from the flat film web, filled and equipped with the spout. Machines in the FFS (form fill and seal) system are used for this purpose.

Applications for spout bags are now found for very different products such as beverages (mostly centerspout), fruit pulp (mostly centerspout), personal care products (mostly cornerspout) or cleaning agents (mostly cornerspout). Due to their high volume, stand-up pouches / doypacks are usually equipped with a spout, but flat pouches or bottom-folding pouches can also be made in this way.


The following machine types can be used for processing these bags, depending on your requirements: