sterilizable bag

for hot products

Sterilizable pouches or retort pouches do not represent an independent pouch form, but are characterized by the technical property of particularly firm sealing seams. On the one hand, this is due to special film qualities, which are predominantly made of a sealing medium made of PP (polypropylene), and on the other hand to a special sealing and cooling process on the pouch machine.

These pouches can be filled with hot products as well as sterilized after filling at a temperature of up to 120 °C. The pouch forms commonly used today are flat pouches and especially stand-up pouches / Doypack due to their larger filling volume.

Sterilizable pouches are used in many areas of our daily life, such as ready-to-serve soups, pasta sauces, olives or even pet food (wet).


The following machine types can be used for processing these pouches depending on your requirements: