stickpack - suitable for single use

the economical ones for single use

In the production of stickpacks, the film - similar to tubular bag machines - is formed into a tube in the running direction over a forming shoulder and the longitudinal sealing is carried out on the forming tube. The difference to a tubular bag is that the stickpack is considerably narrower. The widths usually vary between 17 mm and approx. 60 mm. Bottom and top sealing is carried out, as with the tubular bag machines, with a horizontal sealing station in which the knife for separating the stick packs is also integrated.
Stickpacks can also be produced as chain bags or contour bags, whereby the number of bags per chain can be varied. Stickpack machines can be designed with up to 10 or more lanes, so that high output rates can be achieved.

Stickpacks are used for a variety of products such as soluble coffee blends, ketchup and dressings, pharmaceutical products or chemical products.


The following machine types can be used to process these bags, depending on your requirements: