tubular pouch - versatile

simple and versatile

The tubular bag represents one of the simplest bag shapes. For the tubular bag, the film is formed into a tube in the running direction over a forming shoulder. Depending on the desired bag shape, round or square format tubes can be used. Depending on the film material used, the longitudinal sealing seam can be designed either as a vertical sealing seam (finseal) or as a flat sealing seam (lapseal). As e.g. with stickpack machines, the horizontal bottom and top sealing seam of the tubular bags is made at a horizontal sealing station, in which the knife for separating the tubular bags is also integrated. Tubular bags can also be produced as chain bags whereby the number of bags per chain can be varied.

Tubular bags are used for a very wide range of products such as food, especially cerials, snacks or sweets, pet food, pharmaceutical or chemical products.


The following machine types can be used for processing these bags, depending on your requirements: