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The variety of pouch packaging gives marketing and sales a wide scope for an individual presentation of your products. In addition, pouch packaging offers outstanding product protection with a minimised use of material.

From an ecological point of view, even classic laminated films offer significant advantages over packaging made of glass or sheet metal, taking into account the entire process chain. New packaging materials, such as sealable papers or monolaminates (film laminates made from one basic material) already offer the integration of packaging films in the recycling cycle without thermal disposal.

Through moderate automation of the filling processes using modern packaging machines, your filling costs are minimised, so that the competitiveness of your products increases.

No matter whether it is dry products such as food or pet food or liquid products such as cleaning agents or cosmetic products. We can offer you the right bag machine for your application and will also be happy to advise you on the development of your packaging concepts.

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