pouch packaging machines for "bag-on-balve" (aerosol bags)

Bag-On-Valve is an environmentally friendly solution for many applications, as no propellant gases need to be used to extract the products from the can. Instead, Bag-on-Valve works on the basis of compressed air, which is added when the cans are filled.
By using the bags inside the cans, the separation of product and can is 100% guaranteed, so that Bag-on-Valve can also be used for sensitive products (e.g. food) or aggressive products (e.g. with hydrogen peroxide).


For the production of the Bag-On-Valve (aerosol bags) the machine types

  • LBV 050 (simplex) and
  • LBV 20 (duplex)

at your disposal. The working methods of these bag machines are based on intermittently operating rotary machines in combination with system units for the assembly of the valves, the wrapping of the bags and the inline leakage testing of the finished bag-on-valves.

As a further development of the Mono-Bag-on-Valves, a solution for two-component applications (2K applications) is also available, whereby the strict separation of the two components within the system is guaranteed.

bag-on-valve - applications

  • food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • nonfood (e.g. household or care products)
  • engineering applications