double bag - versatile

Double pouches consist of two pouches joined at the side sealing seams. The two bags/chambers can be used as

The two parts/chambers of the bags can be filled with the same or two different products. Depending on the size of the bags, the chambers can also be filled on one side with a dry product and a liquid.

If the use of the two parts of the double pouches is delayed, i.e. one after the other, the connecting sealed seam can be made with a perforation so that both parts can be easily separated from each other. Especially in the design, the double pouches are often executed with contours or full contours to give the double pouch an unmistakable shape. If the bag consists of more than two chambers, it is also called a chain bag.

Double pouches are used, for example, for food products such as combinations of dressings and croutons, for ready-made food with two components or as product samples in cosmetics as "magazine pouches" or sachets.


The following machine types can be used for processing these pouches, depending on your requirements: